A WOW experience for every occasion

Popcorn has been around for thousands of years and has played a special part in many a celebration down the ages. WOW Popcorn brings the trend closer to home by offering an experience for every occasion. From festivals, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or even sporting events, we have something for everything! Our customized and personalized packages have been thought out to give you the best WOW Popcorn experience ever.

For more details, mail us at:  care@wowfood.in
WOW Wedded Bliss
There are around 40 different rituals to celebrate before most traditional Indian marriages are completed and the newly-weds can finally head off into the sunset. WOW Popcorn has specially thought out packages to cover such special occasions and keep the fun flowing. One thing we have proven, is that popcorn fits magnificently into any joyous moment and adds to the reason to celebrate.
Pop Till You Drop
Our delightful lightweight delicacies make a huge difference, regardless of how old the birthday boy or girl may be. The ‘My Popcorn Birthday Bash’ trend has caught on real fast, and we have even created a platform on popular social networking site- Facebook- where happy clients post pictures, comment or simply like the flavours that made their day ‘Oh So Special’.
WOW Chill Zone
Hang out at the Sports Bar at the end of the day, raise a toast to life and enjoy any of our flavours to lift your spirits further. We offer Happy Hour packages that go hand-in-hand with the moods like they were tailor-made for bliss.
WOW Corpcorn Bash
We offer customized packages that fit right into the Corporate Events scene and add the WOW quotient to make every event at the office a popping-great success.